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One Student One Enterprise – Doris Ngum- Entrepreneurship coach

Staying on earth or living on earth

I heard the president of the Higher Institute of Management Studies Mr. Fomba Bernard say that there are two classes of people on the earth, namely, those who have come to stay on earth and those who have come to live on earth. While some people are purported to live a life to the full others are so mediocre in their thinking that their dreams is to barely survive or eke out a living in a world of plenty. Those who have come to live on the earth say that “we want to impact lives so that we are aiming at starting and running our own multimillion pound business”. Those who say “if we could just get a degree, write the next competitive examination (concour) and enter the public service and obtain matricule numbers, we will be fine because we will have jobs for life”. This is the retrogressive mentality of those who are staying on the earth. The latter is the mindset of an average Cameroonian graduate.  They roam the streets after graduation with file after file hoping to pass an entrance examination someday into the public service. Our educational system has so far taught us what to think and not how to think. Our philosophy at HIMS is to change that. But what you think will keep you average. The top is for those who intend to go to the top of the success ladder. Our society harbors people who want to partake in the national cake. They want a share of it at all cost. But the question is, who is baking this cake?

Every strong nation has been built by visionaries whose patriotic hearts have driven them to think beyond the confines of survival for them and their small family circle but have discovered hidden potentials in them and translate them into tangible wealth. Men and women who have said no to complacency and have gone beyond the status quo of challenging their creative and innovative abilities to create businesses and enterprises and find solutions to social problems with an economic benefit in return are the people HIMS want to train.


The Higher Institute of Management Studies is a private Higher Education Institution authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), Cameroon. It is a fast developing Higher Institution of learning specialized in business studies. We train candidates in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Insurance and Marketing for the Higher National Diploma, Bachelors Degree and MBA.




  • Garden Park, Molyko - Buea
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