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A thriving nation implies a thriving economy. A thriving economy does not just happen. In the circumstances the people understand the importance of creating and inspiring themselves in taking risky adventure to set up a business. At HIMS we have recognized the need to help students think beyond the blackboard and beyond graduation. We have introduced the course on PRACTICUM which helps equip students with skills for success thereby developing the entrepreneurial spirit. At HIMS, we believe in our students’ greatness which starts when a man discovers his unique potential and believe in it and develops it and subsequently becomes an expert in it. At a later stage however, he lives a mark in his generation through his innovation.

The president of HIMS believes in his long standing philosophy of passing over opportunity repeatedly (poor). In this respect, our students are equipped with skills which they need to succeed I business through the practicum course, vision developing creativity and innovation, communication skills, leadership, character building. These are tips to success. We organize seminars and network events with successful entrepreneurs in town. In order to inspire entrepreneurship, the president of HIMS promotes entrepreneurial activities.

One Student One Enterprise

It is our vision at HIMS that each student becomes an entrepreneur hence the notion of one student one enterprise. We build practical skills and create platforms for the students to exercise their entrepreneurial skills. The students are trained to plan and organize events like HIMS got talent to exercise their skills. The degree students have an entrepreneurship development course in the second semester which is 40% practical, they generate ideas, come out with business plans and pitch their ideas to the panel for evaluation. This idea has led to the creation of several businesses. Thus the students have been provoked to think. It is a question of enterprise and not job seeking or “concour”. We also organize seminars to empower some local small and medium size businesses men and women.

The land of Promise and the Land of Glory.

Cameroon is a land of promise and a land of Glory. HIMS is a unique institution, and in trying to create a blend of academic, professional and financial education we promote such skills that encourage entrepreneurship and skills which could usefully be employed to valorize our vast natural resources that makes Cameroon the land of promise and the land of glory. So this is really the drive behind the entrepreneurship development center which we are building at HIMS. In this respect we are introducing the entrepreneurial club to incubate business ideas.

A degree should not be the means to an end but this seems to be the notion that students carry. We promote creativity which is a unique solution to problems. It starts with a decision to change, not tomorrow but right now. I heard someone say “if you can’t change your nation, don’t let your nation change you”. Rise up and be the change you want to see. We don’t just partake in the national cake but we are those that bake it. We don’t wait to stay in the rebuilt Cameroon, we are the building blocks. You surely have a part to play, the businesses acumens in you will not let you rest until you bring them out.

It starts with discovering the purpose, then follow the passion, pursuit the persistence. The 4Ps of vision are our mindset at HIMS we go for One Student One Enterprise. That is the world we want to build at HIMS.


The Higher Institute of Management Studies is a private Higher Education Institution authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), Cameroon. It is a fast developing Higher Institution of learning specialized in business studies. We train candidates in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Insurance and Marketing for the Higher National Diploma, Bachelors Degree and MBA.




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