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The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two-year vocational university programme. It is designed to teach the knowledge and skills you will need for employment. If you want to go on to higher education and gain a recognized qualification or to do a specific job, the HND is for you. The HND focuses on learning by doing. The HND originated from the United Kingdom and has long been adopted by all Commonwealth nations. It was introduced in Cameroon in 2002 by Ministerial Order No. 02/0069/MINESUP/DDES.

The Higher National Diploma is available in a wide range of subject areas. The following fields of study were approved for offer in Cameroon:

  1. Engineering and Technology
  2. Business, Finance and Management
  3. Medical and Biomedical Sciences
  4. Teaching, Education and Professional Development
  5. Home Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management.

HIMS offers tuition just for the second field which is Business, Finance and Management and does it best in the country. The specialities offered by us in this field are:

  1. HND in Accountancy
  2. HND in Banking and Finance
  3. HND in Insurance
  4. HND in Management
  5. HND in Marketing


The HND consists of three main components:

General Studies Courses
Foundation Courses
Professional Courses
General Studies Courses

Required of all students in each specialty e.g. French, English, Civics and Ethics

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are interdisciplinary business courses taught to provide students with a solid background in business studies. These subjects include Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting, Principles of Management, and Principles of Marketing.

Professional Courses

Professional courses are the main courses that students study to develop the specialist knowledge and skills in a chosen field of study e.g. Practice of Banking for HND in Banking and Finance, Property Insurance for the field of Insurance, Marketing Research for the field of Marketing, etc. The curriculum of each programme is structured into four semesters of 14 to 16 weeks of teaching, including students` assessment.


The HND is earned in Cameroon through a national examination organized each academic year in one session by the Ministry of Higher Education through the National Committee for the Organization of HND Examinations. The examination is open only to those who have completed the programme of study for the HND in an institution of Higher Learning approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Completing a programme of studies means the student has passed in all the courses prescribed for the speciality.

The candidate`s application file for the HND examination shall include the following documents:

1. A completed application form provided by the Ministry of Higher Education.
2. Two transcripts for the four semesters spent in an approved or accredited Institution of Higher Education.
3. A certified true copy of the GCE Advanced Level, the Baccalaureate or equivalent qualification as recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.
4. A certified true copy of the birth certificate which is not more than three months old on the date of submission of the examination file.
5. A large self-addressed, stamped envelope.
6. A testimonial showing that the candidate has successfully undergone a satisfactory internship or workshop experience in a business enterprise during the course of study.
7. A receipt of payment of the examination fees.
8. Four passport size photographs.
9. As the case may be, a copy of the transcript of the most recent HND Examination session attended by the external candidate.

The examination fee is determined each academic year by the Ministry of Higher Education. The HND examinations are organized every July solely by the Ministry of Higher Education.
The results of successful candidates in each speciality and option are published. Candidates who do not pass in all the courses on their programme of study or who score less than 10/20 in any of their practical or written papers, or less than 08/20 in the core or major papers are declared unsuccessful.

The marks of an unsuccessful candidate in a given paper are transferred automatically to the next HND examination session only, provided the candidate scores at least 10/20 in that paper. This privilege is applicable in one examination session only. The HND certificates are awarded directly to the successful candidates by the Ministry of Higher Education.


A) Grading

1) Students shall be assessed for their first academic performance in their programmes of studies on a marking scheme from 00 to 20 corresponding to the following grading system:

15-20 (45-100 %) Distinction
14-14.9 (70-74 %) Upper Credit
12-13.9 (60-69 %) Lower Credit
10-11.9 (50-54 %) Pass
Below 10 (Below 50 %) Fail

2) Candidates shall be declared successful in the examinations pertaining to their speciality provided that they obtain at least an average mark or grade equivalent to 10 over 20 in all courses within a given speciality.

B) Continuous Assessment

1. All students shall be subject to continuous assessment in all courses taken within a programme of study in the HND.

2. The continuous assessment marks shall be calculated on the basis of the following components:

  1. Participation in class and practical work
  2. Supervised assignments and class presentations
  3. Periodic tests (written and/or oral)C) Industrial attachment
  4. All students shall be required to participate in industrial experience
  5. The internship shall be assessed by a duly designated professional in the Business or Industrial sector.
  6. All students in the HND programme shall be required to have at least 256 hours, which is 8 weeks of industrial experience per academic year.
  7. The above mentioned industrial experience shall be different from the internal practicals which are part of a regular course on a student`s programme of students.

The internship shall be assessed on the following scale:

– internship marks from coordinating partner 70 %
– Internship report submitted by the student 30%
Total 100%

The marks for the practicals shall be weighted as follows:

– Continuous assessment practicals 30 %
– End of semester practical examination 70 %
Total 100%

A) Marks allocation

1. The marks for theoretical lectures shall be weighted as follows:

– Continuous assessment 30 %
– End of semester examination 70 %
Total 100%

2. All continuous assessments shall be conducted by the officially designated teacher of the course. Each course shall be subject to at least two continuous assessments.

B) Official examinations
The conditions and procedures for organizing the official examinations and for the award of the HND shall be stipulated by the Minister of Higher Education in a separate instrument.


The Higher Institute of Management Studies is a private Higher Education Institution authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), Cameroon. It is a fast developing Higher Institution of learning specialized in business studies. We train candidates in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Insurance and Marketing for the Higher National Diploma, Bachelors Degree and MBA.




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