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The motto of HIMS Assiduity, Creativity and professionalism reflects life on campus. HIMS has a learning objectives character, competence and community spirit. There is a rare blend of team spirit and optimal achievements for the purpose for which the institution was created. From Monday to Friday of the week, HIMS is noted for its bustling character. Activities commence by 7.00am when most students converge to commune with God Almighty soliciting His presence to be in their midst. This ushers in an enabling environment for a smooth take off for the day. God’s trust is supreme in HIMS. So like the Americans we can say “In God We Trust”. Students are seen streaming into the campus, bracing up for an eventful day, characterized by marathon lectures, from competent academic scholars. The administration is also devoted to morals and ethics that prepares these students for a challenging future.

Not only are these students conscious of the state of discipline and composure, after a scanning exercise which qualifies them ad bona fide students of the institution.

They are also conscious of the fraternity, love and team spirit that exist on campus. The excitement of being present in school by the students, gives the course instructors the zeal to deliver their lessions for the day.

The lecturers are always there to attend to the academic desires of these building professionals. The administrative members of staffs are said to be the “think tank” of the institution. On their part, there is a need to make things happen, leading to a combination that manifests itself in the philosophy of the HIMS founding fathers. It is therefore, a chain of transformation that translate vision into reality. This is where the HIMS spirit comes into play. All the stakeholders to these lofty goals at HIMS inject, kills, astute professionalism and good conscience which is void of parochial interest. The campus believes in activities which culminate into a semblance of the New York World Trade Center. The main entrance to the campus and even beyond accommodates a teeming student population, taking advantage of the one hour break to replenish the lost energy after the first lap of marathon lectures, a launch break which enables them to regain strength for the last lap of the routine lectures which sometimes terminate either at 2:30 or 4:30pam. Besides the garden Park Campus, the new campus which is “the pride of Buea” and its environs offers more space and facilities.

The student return home after having a hectic and promising day. Generally, life on campus is on the high side with the students striving to learn so as to achieve the highly desired professionalism, moral values and ethics for a challenging world. Hence the buzz words are: HIMS THE PLACE OF ASSIDUITY, CREATIVITY AND PROFESSIONALISM


The Higher Institute of Management Studies is a private Higher Education Institution authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), Cameroon. It is a fast developing Higher Institution of learning specialized in business studies. We train candidates in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Insurance and Marketing for the Higher National Diploma, Bachelors Degree and MBA.




  • Garden Park, Molyko - Buea
  • +237 233 12 13 59
  • info@himsbuea.org
  • www.himsbuea.org

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